Hi!  Rafael and I are so happy that you are here!  Let me explain a little bit about where our business name came from.  Passio means passionate in Latin.  We wanted a word that was short and sweet but also represented how we felt about photography and each other.  We are passionate about our clients, marriage, and family.  


Welcome to Passio

We keep memories alive and YOU inspire us.

As you might know, Rafael and I work together as a husband and wife team!  This is our full time job and we absolutely adore doing it together.  What you might not know is how big of a role our kids play into our business.  I started photography when I had my daughter in 2011, she was my inspiration and still is!  I wanted to be able to capture every little breathing second of both of their lives.  It then transformed into a dream business that has fulfilled my artistic soul!  Rafael likes to tell everyone he fell in love with photography while falling in love with me.  It was a two for one deal! hehe.  We feel absolutely blessed to do what we love.  Although our inspiration started with our family it continues with our clients, their individual stories and our love for telling them through our photographs. 

Some fun facts about us!  Rafael is VERY MUSICAL, he is a drummer and had his own band growing up.  A few of his favorite musicians are Nirvana  Bob Marley, and Guns and Roses but not only is he a Rocker he also loves Opera like Ildivo and Andrea Bocelli.  Don't even get me started with his love for house music and DJ's.   I balance that craziness with my love for big band music, alternative  and indie.   If you can't tell already by just that I am the softer more laid back person in the relationship.   :)

I would like to say we are both wanderers at heart.  I don't know if we will ever really settle down.  If we had the income and ability we would probably work in different startes every month!  We enjoy traveling, experiancing new surroundings, meeting new people, new cultures, and FOOD!

This might be TMI but its who I am.  I have probably been through more in life then most during my 20's... This has given me an little bit of an extra appreciation for the small details in life.  I would like to say it has impacted my eye and the way I view photography.   My first husband passed away at the age of 32,  I thought that love was over for me, until I met my sexy, loving, hot husband Rafael (I am head over heels guys)  He has made all my dreams come true and loves our two babies like nobody's business! ;P  I am so happy God sent him into my life and blessed me with a fabulous family and business! 

Well thats enough about us!!  I could talk forever!  We can't wait meet and get to know you!   Shoot us a message and lets chat over coffee or a beer!