Pick Your Poison - ISSUE ONE

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Why purchase this magazine?

- Using storytelling narratives in boudoir photography enhances the depth and impact of your images.

- You create more of a personal connection with the viewer and your client.

- With story telling your client isn’t just posing for a photograph anymore.They are apart of the creative process, which can be incredibly fulfilling and fun!

What is included?

  • A step by step shot list with over 10 prompts that can give you a full gallery of 40 images or more for your client
  • Access to two galleries I created with this shot list + album designs
  • Written prompts with photo examples
  • Tips and Tricks to accomplish beautiful images

What is not included.

  • Each issue is purchased separately unless you purchase a bundle
  • We do not go into detail about specific lighting techniques
  • This is not a detailed posing guide.This is more of a prompt guide with steps you need to bring a story to life, Closer to flow posing (the only way I shoot)

Due to the digital format of this product, we are unable to offer refunds. Additionally, please respect the exclusive nature of the content by not sharing it with others who have not purchased their own copy. Thank you for understanding and valuing the creative work involved.

SO excited to see what you all create!

Please keep in mind that this access to ONE issue only.

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