A little bit more about my story...

Our photography journey has been an interesting one as well as our love story.


As you might know Rafael and I work together as a husband and wife team! This is what supports our family and we absolutely adore doing it together. What you might not know is how big of a role our kids play into our business. I started photography when I had my daughter in 2011, she was my inspiration and still is! I wanted to be able to capture every little breathing second. It then transformed into a dream business that has fulfilled my artistic soul in every way. Rafael likes to tell everyone he fell in love with photography while falling in love with me. It was a two for one deal! hehe. We feel absolutely blessed to do what we love as our profession. Although our inspiration starts with our family it continues with our clients, their individual stories and our love for telling them through photographs and video.


I have probably been through more in life than most during my 20's. This has given me a little bit of an extra appreciation for the small details in life. My husband passed away at 32 from a sudden heart attack. The pictures and video became that much more important to me. I already knew how precious they were but you truly will never understand until that is all you have left of your loved one. This inspired me more and gave me a whole new perspective when capturing these precious moments for my family and clients.



Fun Fact! Rafael was my swipe to the right!

Rafa and I met on a dating app called Tinder. LOL. I was not ready and honestly didn't want anything to do with dating. My friend basically kidnapped my phone and set up a profile! I started to talk to him that first night. To say it was fate is an understatement. There are so many coincidences that brought us together but this would turn into a novel! He became such a bright light in such a dark time for us. In a way he saved us. Our love has flourished and we expanded our family with a baby girl.


With over 11 years of experience we are experts in capturing moments and memories that you will cherish forever.


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close up shots of couple kissingmaternity session with family of four

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