Passio Photography Preset



Passio Vibrant all in one Preset for Camera Raw and Lightroom


My number one request as a photographer has been to sell my presets.  Truth is, I only have one preset.  This preset is my base for all my photography.  I use it for indoors, outdoors,   and My hesitation has always been that I Well surprise I only use ONE!  I have wrestled with this request because it is my baby, a 10 year baby that have grown and tweaked over time and I am so immensely proud of it!  I use this preset for studio work, for outdoor work, and for everything in between. Everything single photograph you see from us, started with this preset.   It’s hard to find presets that offer vibrant photos now a days and trust me I have looked everywhere.   The is a preset that enhances your photo but stays true to color.  I hope you enjoy it has much as I do because it is literally everything to me.


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